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Cashmere Goats

Hi!! We all know that for wool and cloth production most of the time uses the goat wools. Among them cashmere wool which is used in the production of world-famous; especially in middle east and Asia, cashmere shawls and other products. These products from the cashmere wool are with high quality and are expensive too. […]

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Dairy Goats

Dairy Goat production is a very economical and an easy method of farming. Goat milk is rich with nutrition and the price of the milk is also higher comparatively with the other dairy milk. In addition to the goat milk, the goat meat also rich in nutrition than other most meat does and it also […]

goats housing

Goat Housing Systems

Goats are generally considered as animals who can tolerate various weather conditions compared to cattle and horses. However, to ensure the security of goats and to prevent the exposure to adverse weather conditions it is always necessary to adapt to a suitable goat housing system as these extreme conditions can cause various respiratory infections and […]