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Pygmy Goat

In the world the goat farming and the cattle farming are more popular. The farmers rear these animals for various purposes including milk, meat, wool and so on. The goat farming plays a major role in the economy of the poor people normally. It is a great farming method to practice in small-scale as it promises higher profit. There are different types of goat breeds the farmers can rear. Among them today I am going to discuss about the goat breed Pigmy. This breed is one of the most popular goat breeds among the goat farmers as well as a pet who is unique.

Key characteristics of pygmy goats

The pygmy goats are very easy to distinguish due to its smaller body size. They are a domesticated goat breed. They look like a dwarf goat and at first, they were named as Cameroon dwarf goats too.

This goat breed is native to West Africa. But now a days it is popular in all around the world. These goats are rearing for the milk purposes mainly as it gives fat-rich milk. if you like you can rear them for meat too. But most of the time they are using as milking goats.

As mentioned already they are more popular as pets also. They are very cute and small. Thus, suits very much to rear as pets. If you like to have a different kind of pet then I can say pigmy goats are one of them you can rear very easily. They are very friendly, fun and playful too. You really will be able to have a bigger happiness if you use to spend your time with this lovely and adorable goat. In addition, you can take some nutritious milk for your consumption as well.

So, if you are planning to have a pet or a goat farm its of worthy to try these marvelous creatures also.

This goat type can consider as very productive. As well they are very hardy animals. They are resistant to various harsh climatic and weather conditions.

Some body characteristics of the pygmy goats

As you already know they are of smaller body size. Also, they have a very compact body. The height of the body range from 15 to 20 inches and the average weight of a goat is about 23-34 Kg or 35-50 pounds.

The color of the body also varies considerably. Some of them are white caramel or light caramel, or they can be dark red caramel, silver caramel, solid black and brown and so on. There can be different patterns and shades of colors.

The coat of the goat is with medium length and are straight. The male goats or the bucks have a noticeably long beard too.

They have very short legs. But they are somewhat longer when compared to the leg height.

They are characterized with some other features like having a broad forehead, small nose and erect ears. They also have a rounded muzzle.

Milk production

The milk yield is comparatively low. But with high nutrients content. They are rich in fat. Contains about 5%- 11% of fat. They consider as non-seasonal goat breed. That means there is no specific time for them to give birth to young ones.

After giving birth they give milk yield for about 4 to 5 months. But this time period is somewhat short when compared with the other goat breeds. When their age is around 10 months you can breed them. Normally they give birth to two kids at one time. But this can vary up to 5 kids also. Their gestation period is about 5 months.


If you need to have better milk or the meat yield you have to feed them well. They prefer grazing and you can give other roughages and forages as well.

Moreover, you can feed them with the concentrates as well as with the concentrate supplements. They should feed with a balanced diet to maintain their health and well-being properly.


For any type of farm animal, it is very important to provide the needed housing. The house should be very safe and a clean place with sufficient ventilation and shade. This is similar to pygmy goats also.

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