Dairy Goats goats Milk

Dairy Goats

Dairy Goat production is a very economical and an easy method of farming. Goat milk is rich with nutrition and the price of the milk is also higher comparatively with the other dairy milk. In addition to the goat milk, the goat meat also rich in nutrition than other most meat does and it also promises a higher income.

Dairy cows are very easy to rear and it considers as the poor man’s cow. The management of the dairy cows are very relaxed. Small scale production gives you higher profit.

This can be identified as the best way to have fresh and nutritious milk at the home itself by spending a little cost. Even with a less investment you can start a goat farm very easily.

If you are planning to start a livestock farm then goat farming comes at the first to be considered. Better to try a goat farm in your households too to have a extra income also.

Importance of dairy goat farming

As mentioned already the farming of goat is very easy method.

The space needed by the goat are very less as they are small ruminants. You can rear a greater number of goats than cows in the same area. And the profit you can earn also higher.

Goats eat vast range of feeds starting from roughages to different plants and different plant parts including flowers, leaves etc. Therefore, the feeding of the goats is not a difficult process.  But keep in mind to provide the clean feed materials. Because they like to eat clean and fresh feeding materials. They do not prefer unclean feeds.

They need low amount of water per day. Therefore, rearing goats under dry conditions also possible as they can live quite a long period of time without water.

The demand for the goat milk and meat also a higher one. Their prices are also higher and you can easily earn a higher income from the products of goat rearing as they are easy to sell.

As the litter size of the goat is more than cow (two/three kids per litter) you can earn more money by selling them.

They give kids every year sometimes twice per year. There reproductive efficiency is much higher than cattle making it more profitable for the farmers to rear goats.

The labor requirement for managing goat is also very less compared with the other ruminants.

Goat milk

As you know already goat milk is a nutrition rich food. They are excellent in feeding small ones as well as the older ones. Goat milk is more popular among most of the dairy milk consumers all over the world due to its healthiness. As a percentage about 65% of the world population consuming dairy products consume goat milk as their first priority.

It contains more calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, proteins and iron than the cow’s milk. As well it contains lesser amount of cholesterol and fatty acids making it favorable for the consumers health. This is widely use to feed smaller ones too than the cow milk. This is the better milk to feed the ones who are developing allergies on the other milk types.

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